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Totmann - text


From the shoulders
Of giant Majority
We look down
And make believe
What we see is the only possible reality

The river runs down the hill
The river shapes the land
The river pours into the sea
The river is a river

Kill the deadmen
One by one
Walk on, walk strong
On and on
Kill the deadmen
One by one
Walk on, walk strong
Go out and show 'em – they'll never doubt it again

Like a lioness
Her breed
And a lion another lion's breed
Those rules to go by
Are like a tight string around our necks

And a painkiller
What I can't hear
I need to say

My blood-spattered
Blood brother
Your covered, blinded eyes can't see

It may not always be easy
It may not always look good
The message, however, is simple
It's our life we live it our way

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