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The Origin - text

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We all stop breathing in the end
Voyeurism is my definition
The scenery your amnesty
I have seen through the eyes of suffering before
But you are so enlightening
This my friend
Is the end
Of common and of sense
The origin
The pain that lives within
The origin
Infinite source of suffering
Feed me with thee
Eyes of everything
I am the omniscient narrator of your little story
Come, see
Cheers my friend, here's to you, cheer 'em up
Why so serious?
Gotta get a move on
Ain't got all the time in the world
Now please
And that joke that was made, that was on you
Don't you wanna come dance with me?
I can hardly wait
Now watch that man
Still labelled human
But he's in my possession
All choices consumed
Time to cross the final line

Text přidal DevilDan

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