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Pure - text


Take it out on me
I leave it up to you

The more I intervene
The more gets lost on the way
I can see myself in you can you see yourself?
Yeah, do what you can
And you will stay who you are
You unleashed a monster
Now it's coming back for you

It's given to you, life
Tomorrow will never be yesterday
Chasing the highs
Still we are alone

Make a decision
Make it quick
Cause this shit is gonna burn
That's why we watch the shit
That's why we feel the shit
That's why we want the shit
How we want the shit

Distraction and bullshit...
Are no longer tolerated
Disconnect me from my words
But not from what i'm saying
Let others take the risk
I'd like to sit back and watch if that's ok

Straight ahead
Straight ahead
Do you want to walk through life with me,
Or are you just enjoying my company?

Your whole life consists of avoiding mistakes
I am a fish on the carpet
I wanna see the fish on the carpet
I won't hold on to your hand and drown

I want something
I want something
I want something pure
I want something
I want something
I want something pure

Can't we name the things as they are?
Respect ourselves for who we are?
Bleed with the hurt
Lie in the dirt
No one could ever take that away

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