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Come a little closer
Come near and you will see
You might find the peace I sense
Out there, almost within reach
With the headlights on...
With a pocket full of stones...
Waiting for the sun
Hoping for gravity
Fear the wrong, them all or nothing
Is it broken or just old?
If you don't know – they surely will
Decide first for, then sell to you
Stand, stare
See... understand
If you wanna walk the line
Then there's no room to step aside
So now come clean
Let the healing begin
So now become one
With the beating within
We are not dead yet
A little closer
Yet about to see
The line dividing earth and sky
Is just a shadow in your head
The taste of insecurity, freedom
In a bottle full of rain
Step outside the ordinary
Breaking the bone of habit
Disturbing the peace of symmetry
Painting the best case scenario
Treasuring pain
Treasuring pain

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