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I shut my mouth
To lend an ear
Then threw a stone
To break the silence
More than 4
Less than 5
Minutes left to fix your alibis
Stronger is only fear
What a surprise
These words coming to life are mine
Can you hear me?
I can't hear you
More than there
Has been before
This rollin' ball's a burnin' and it's
Way too fast to stop it now
Could it be
That this is not enough for us?
Back for seconds
In a minute
One question
What are you doing for your living?
One question
What are you living for?
Come on, loser, show off!
You're always more than you think
Go ahead and get what you want
Before you get you're wanting something else
Come on, sleeper, wake up!
You're always less than you could be
Go ahead and get what you want
Before you get you're wanting even
More than
You can take
Get rid of this attitude
It's killing you
What you know
What ever you might have seen
Let yourself go (Go on with that)
Don't let it go on that (Where will you go?)
More than
Just for the sake of it
What we have is ours
Hell is other people
What we are
Who we'll be -
We walk on our own
But we never walk alone

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