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Kids Killing Kids - text

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Faces are changing
While the days remain the same
Another day
Another try
Everything the same
Everything the same
And so you thought you wouldn't have to stand for that
And so you thought it would be an easy game to play
I feel tired and wasted
Lonely and used, so hard to wake up
Even harder to sleep
But I don't mind the cold floor
One left means still one left to lose
I know I will escape this pain one day
But can't yet imagine how
But can't yet imagine how
Where have I been?
Where am I now?
Now that I'm lost
Where will I go?
Bite - concrete
Never give me up
Never let me down
Bite - concrete
Can't you hear me?
Bite - concrete
Never give me up
Never let me down
Bite - concrete
My way, my path
You can ask me how I feel
I know you won't anyway
Look at me, all you can see is mine
This is so hard to declare:
What there was to lose is lost
And left behind
Please deliver me from pain
My friends keep counting me out
I can't hear them any more
Wait and see is wait and bleed
A blooming suffering
Imagine all the things you hate
And bleed with me
Or leave me be
It's them or me, you see (you see)

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