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Divided into episodes
The tortures on a higher dose
Fucked up
A nightmare wrapped in fairytales
A youth went forth to learn what fear was
Ghost-driven collision course
Cheap trick
Hands in holy dialogue
High five
Rate and share the alibis
I can't see you so you can't see me
High up on the amplitude
Full speed
Overdosed and paranoid
From venom-rooted family tree
I can't say why but I don't like it
Mirror made of broken glass
Make up
To look familiar more or less
Full stop
Mimic frozen in the move
I hide behind my alter ego
These thoughts to be told
These words to be heard
This fear to be felt
The silence to break
I got a mop and a bucket
And a temple of dirt
Can't read the "What's left" slogan
On the back of my shirt
(Who cares anyhow?)
I'm with a fist-fucked-fairy
And a son of a bitch
I brought a fork and a grinder
To get rid of the itch
And dance with the unsuitable
The memories unspeakable
Neck and crop racked by remorse
I hope I won't have to remember
Another day to kill the pain
The lesson as if to explain
Once more
Panic at the roundabout
What goes up, must come down
Forgot the keys to the locker
Where I coffered my head
And so I tend to a landmine
To put on instead
(Who cares anyhow?)
There is this ten-ton-trigger
At the panic-release
How the hell did I get here,
and how can I leave?
I have a broken compass
And self-painted map
I am about to nothing
So I stay where I'm at
In the bed in the chamber
In the house of this town
Like in a foreign culture
I live here on my own
Did you come for the money?
Did you come for the show?
I am a puppet of action
...who cares anyhow?

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