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Hyena - text


Let there be lions
Let them free me from my skin
Let there be water
I wanna drown and touch the ground
As I drink the water of this earth
As I breathe the air in front of me

Live in fear
Live in fear

Seek and you may find
Reason to hide
Among my own kind
Let me be
I'm falling towards the sun

This here is my solitude
It stays with me
My source of fortitude

I have seen through the Hyena's eyes

High I wanna fly
To spread my wings, fall from the sky
Deep I wanna dive
To give in to the depths to feel alive
Like a storm I'm comin' over you
Like a wave take you away

Live in fear
Live in fear

Look me in the eyes and see
I need to be
The godless creature
Of your own monstrosity

We will kill that man
His father and his son
And when we're done
We're gonna stand and stare
at the sky

Fix me
Fix me

Hold out
Don't close your eyes
We've come so far, not far enough
We're dancing while they're coming
for us

Fix me
Fix me

I was given flesh
I was given words
I am for shame
As hurt is for the pain

I am a godforsaken consequence
Of circumstance
And though I do not own a thing
This moment is mine

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