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This seeking is
What is hidden in the back
Outstanding your
And this is what makes me so sick
What ever
made you think
that I lost this game...
I did not even play!
Repeat then
delete and
hope that no one got you wrong
Find phrases where
Silence is
to camouflage this discomfort
Me, unmoved
Me, freak...
Tell me why should I be
the one you'd like to see?
Fuck me?
Fuck you
Fuck me I fuck you, too
Fuck me?
Fuck you
Fuck me I fuck you, too
These lines are written down because
Then I can scream 'em out
It does not only ease the pain
It helps to see things clear
My giving
Your taking
I know those hopeful eyes
This case has
two faces
One is right, the other left
What in the world
makes you think
that I have lost this game?
Who can win this anyway?
My hate is my comfort
My hate is my shell,
my justification
to send you to hell

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