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The triumph of the underdog
Questioning the world
A higher gain of circumstance
Lest we forget
For now the case is clear
For now the fellow rescued
When truth is what we fear
Then fear is nevermore
How could it all have come this far?
And now -- how do we cope?
The best, it seems, is to shut up
And let bygones be gone
When all we have is here
There's nothing left to witness
So don't deny what we're
And let's just mind our business
Hope is the devil
The devil is mine
Devil reveals
What a flesh-devoured skull you are!
One-eyed among the blind!
Now you see, you can't forget
You wish, you'd never known
The more there is to hide
The more there's to uncover
So welcome to the other side
This trip here is hell!
Don't you see now
that I could have poisoned you?
A hundred times had I been able to live without you."
Don't you see now
that I could have poisoned you a hundred times?
...had I been able to live without you."

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Devil Reveals

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