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Caged With A Gun - text

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20 hours, 96 days, 3 years
We were like fire
And burnt in a rush
My eyes are open
And I know that I will die
My eyes are open now
I know one day you will, too
There is no lie
That could protect us now?
Our reality
Is what we believe
And we believe
It's way too big
That we'd grow out of it (I know)
We can't grow out of it (I know, I know, I fuckin' know)
Caged with a gun
Thoughts run like a butterfly
I can't see no misery
Take my hand
Are you still there?
Beyond horizon
Only fools can see
Don't promise me heaven
For it won't save me from hell
Hell, hell, black, black, black, black
Black and white
Turn it right
Put it aside
See the walls
Get pushed around
From side to side
Break the habit
Break the spell
Set the fire
Or go to hell
A little too white
A little too much plastic
Wear the suit until it fits
Oh, am I sarcastic?
Don't you worry now
No need to be careful
We can't kill
What is already dead

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