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Attention Deficit - text

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Collision and indifference
The air too cold to breathe
A secret full of prophecies
The truth within a dream
Restraint cocoons the arrogance
And fear has wrapped deceit
These hands gave birth to violence
A bitten pair that feeds
Posing silence
Attention deficit
I am silence
Feeding the deficit
A common joint polarity
Beneath the crowd applauds
Corrosion of prosperity
Messiah sent abroad
Self-refined matriarchy
Keeps the pain alive
An outline for the enemy
A reason to survive
A curfew and a labyrinth
Life in the exile
Oral pong and peppermint
Faithful but senile
Cloven ruins of decadence
Construction to collapse
Overrated relevance
Another ones effects
Shadows hide the overdose
Believers justify
Talkative though comatose
A story and a lie
Hyperbolic masterplan
Countdown to excuse
Fingers-crossing gentleman
Nature of abuse

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