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Animated Flesh - text


What is this all good for?
The way I see it...
Honor among thieves...
There is no such thing.

I try to change but everything just stays the same
And when I think I got a grip
I slip


My so-called choices in my so-called life
I'm living in the eye of a hurricane
Sooner or later...
I get carried away

Do not
Expect me to stay
The person that I am today
Sing with me
The forgotten symphony
Of self-respect

A blind eye towards the family tree
The hallow echoes of hypocrisy
I sacrifice myself today
And hope to find a better way tomorrow

I'm sick of this bullshit
Sick of my name
My future is pending
I'm bleeding in vain

I'm not at all
What you see
When you look at me
Please set me free

Text přidal DevilDan

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