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Anybody with any respect would respect me.
But any punk did not have respect.
And all the fear and insecurity...
then they treat me like the fucking punk that they are.
They give me all their insecurity.
And I trust the very same person as you do.
I trust the only person left to trust.
Don't get me wrong
I'm only a witness
In that dream
I am not that dream
7 inches
Away from reality
Eyes covered
Shielded from misery
7 inches
Burning in my eyes
What is this life?
What is my disguise?
We here are the bad guys
So you can be the good guys
Without us role-modelling
None of you would be best-selling
We, the originality
Are the lonely apex of creativity
In order
To put this world
Into order
How much evil do you think would have to be?
They talk about help,
but there is no such thing, gotta help yourself.
They talk about fear, and fear is a leader's favorite tool
When everyone's scattered like sheep...
I'm the biggest dog when I'm out there in the street
Will make you be
Who you are
Will make you be
Who you are
You gotta be responsible for your actions.
I'm not your leader, I'm not your follower.
I can do what I do by myself.
I don't need nobody. I ain't looking for no followers.
I am looking to survive.
The media is a rerun.
The public opinion is a little girl.
It's a toilet paper commercial.
It's got nothing to do with reality.
Realitiy's here.
Reality's now.
For all you actors we murdered and died
For all you play-roles we bled and survived
YOU people trying to be and do like me
You can't fake on me when you go up there
Taking all the applause
All the applause

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