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The Rising Sands - text

Of the secrets we all shared
Empty rooms and distant memories
In the far end of the halls
Of our minds

There is a prophecy that stares
Carved into this kingdom
Of these desert sands
Of a world called Arakis
In my dreams

Deep inside of me
There is something more to be
The Promised Land I am to rule
Let the storm reveal the universal word
Bring thy judgement I´ve foreseen

Lord of the Rising Sands
As a newborn of this land

It was written what is to be done
In the temple of the infinite sun
Of the darkness left behind
Now comes a light

A Messiah will be sworn
There is an empire to fall
A change of wind to follow soon
On this realm called planet Dune


It was written what is to be done
In the temple of the sun
From the darkness far behind
There will come a light
I have given all my faith
My silent prayers I have thrown away
There is a war that rages on
O will the rain come?

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Crimsonfire texty

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