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Tears in a Greystorm - text

I awake with rising tides
Just a spectre of this grey storm
I await for the silent touch
It comes to clothe me from my fears

But still, O the night
I seem to trust
Despite all the strangers
In this ghostly paradise

Take me to an unknown past
Save me from my fear
Someone stop the hourglass
And drown me, O drown me
In this world

There is a place I´d always dream
Yet so close but yet was so far
There are times when I am afraid
Still it seems its whispers haunting


(Chorus x 2)

In a thought I wonder deeply
Of the light that now surrounds me
Is an end for all my searching
The final chapters of my memories


(Chorus x 2)

I await with rising tides...

Text přidal paja65


Crimsonfire texty

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