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All along the front lines, we're all away
I feel the power call, it beckons me
My hair stands on end in the night sky
All of the reasons for my pain


I know the way to get my prize
Its through a dark forest
Ambition to become the savior of the land
Assemble all my men and ready your arms
The time to act is now


I see it through, see it through the light
I'll search for the sword of darkness
I've found a way, never stalling, always
Searching for the sword of darkness

I feel its power pulling at my soul
Don't look back men we're almost there
The eternal light will be returned to us
This is the call of my destiny

Find the way
On your own

This is the end of existence beware
Only the corrupt may wield it
Fear's the emotion that holds my hand back
No other reason than its my destiny

Its my destiny!

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