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Moonlit Skies and Bloody Tides - text


Raise your horns towards the twilight sky, victory is ours none can deny.
We drink to our comrades who have died;
We set sail at dawn with home in our minds.

March towards the coast at first light,
Gather our spoils they are ours outright!
Chests of silver and gold; legend was foretold
- A curse upon this land; all of us are damned

The god of death will come to our souls!!!
Search inside your soul and find the strength,
Resist the gold, half our men, will not see dawn,
Bloodlust corrupt us all.

Darkness takes in our sight - we will rise!
For the death that will haunt us tonight
Pride is guiding us to survive - survive!
Fate and destiny leads us to the light

Sails catch wind as we ride the sea,
The shore fades away our fate we can't foresee
Skies turn black, There's no turning back,
Pupils grow wide, no time to react
Gods of the sea join in the fight!

Rising, from the depths
The serpent's strength stops us in our tracks
Man the sails! Defend with power!
Our bow is crushed, .... This is the end!
The treasure now lies in the depths of the sea!

Moonlight casts over me, the creature has taken men who were free!
Tides are strong, they carry me on
Washed upon the shores, war torn and crushed

Spirit, give me the strength to

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