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We march, towards the woods
To reclaim our most prized possession
We embark upon a quest for
Revenge and pillaging

Those who have entered did not return to us
The forest is evil
They have been turned to dust

We know the risk ahead
We feel the power of the darkest sin
The trees,they look alive
Our magic does not work within

I think I heard a sound
Men form around me now
Unsheathe your swords
And pray to the god of war
Here they come ....

With all your might
Charge on ahead
Deny your fate
Lost in a dark forest

We move throughout the day
I swear to god that we've come this way
The grove reveals a trove
A key inside, the thicket divides

I feel the woods compel me to move ahead
They separate and allow me to tread
We've found a way

We move through the day
And we will make them pay
And we will never stop until they're found
Their bodies in the ground

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