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We emerge from the dark forest
My men, they are the best
The head count is cut in half
It fuels our soldiers wrath
The archers ready their bows
The mages prepare their scrolls
We can see her holding the light
Our rage she did incite

Fight for your life with strife
Battle hard into the night

Our footsteps shake the earth
Notwithstanding to our death
We meet her troops on the battle lands
Our destiny is in our hands
Dead bodies litter the ground
Where they lay is their burial mound
Our tactics are renowned
The execution was Profound

Hold on
You cannot prophesize
Be strong
Cause its our time to rise
Fear not, you will ascend
This is, our Journey's end

I approach her on our stage
My eyes glowing with rage
I clench my steel with might
I will spill her blood with delight
Her figure turns to black
She's instantly taken my back
How did she move so fast
This moment could be my last

How could this be?
This can't be happening to me!

I fall to the dirt
Yet surprisingly she's inert
I swing wildly with my mace
And connect squarely with her face
I take our eternal light
This is not the end of the fight
Its light makes her decay

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