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Freedom and Salvation - text


Falling through the cracks within my mind
I hold the answer inside
Not all that I could be but this is my declaration

I know the path that's ahead
My influence will be widespread
I'll live in infamy
Your future is my detainee

Crossing the seas, the tides splash upon our bow;
We emerge upon their shores. Our defeat we'll not allow

Wounded by the archers' airstrike, we sail towards the storm;
Leaving fallen ones behind to be washed upon the shore.
Stricken by the loss of battle, redemption soon will soar;
Seeking freedom and salvation, winds guide us back for more.
The pain I did define
The plan was indeed malign
I stand here and draw my line
The final goal is all combined

No matter what you're not alone
I promise that they'll all be shown
When we set foot upon their land
That they will disband, off-hand, and if I only understand

Crossing the seas, the tides splash upon our bow,
We emerge upon their shores, our defeat we'll not allow

This is our declaration
Approach with fire in hand
Squeeze the life from all in sight
My goal is their plight

We crash upon their fields
We're fast on their heels
Our midnight gods will revel in their folly
But their cries for love
Will be burnt from above
Magic will shine off our knives, for the rest of our lives

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