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A Gathering of Kings - text


A king has summoned all the lords and powers of the realm
A harvest feast to celebrate the bounties of the year
Men pack the halls and women flock, to entertain the mass

They feast and drink and fornicate, for winter's nearly here
The king stands all and welcomes all, raising a glass of cheer
He bids his men to feast away and drink
Drink until the dawn

Tales of old are boldly told, by torchlight burning bright
The quests and deeds of yesterday, we will relive tonight

Welcome all to the gathering of kings
Fill your stein
As our time passes by
Raise your glass into the sky
Pound it back for those who have died
Drink hard
For the kingdom is ours tonight

The autumn sun will rise and fill the halls of darkened souls
In company of friends we drink and remember ones we lost
The year's been hard, men battle-scarred, we carry through their days
But now we celebrate their lives and drink
Drink until the dawn

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