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Trial by fire
The ultimate test of your
Fear no evil
Cause life isn’t just what you
Hear the metal gods
Calling you now to
Believe me the time is right
Crimson light spreads as we speak words of truth
Liars they called us
From fear that they have no
Control on our lives
So they pushed us back making us
Live on the edge
Is the meaning of metal so
Have no regrets
It's high time we said to those wimps stop, no more shit!
Metal is back
Cause the fire lives in our hearts
Metal is back
And we're here to kick your ass
Metal is back
It's the dawn of a new day
Metal is back so you liars get out of my way!
Madness is out there
All mixed up with lies and
Deceit is the key
To bring fear amongst us but
Crimson is fire
So no one can make us go
Back where you came from
Salvation is close at hand, now heed my call
Metal is back
Even though we faltered
Too many times I've waited alone
Whispers have called me to go on
Waiting in the dark
That's where I pull myself together
That's where I'll find again the truth
Is there something you can do?
I'm gonna bring this to an end!
We'll bring hell!
Metal is back

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Metal Is Back

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