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Let There Be War - text

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An age of doubt and insanity
It feels like a virtual reality
Democracy's face is changing
The life that we had is now fading.
Oppression and fear their weapons
It seems that they won't learn their lesson
Civil War now is at hand
So now everyone turns to run
Run! Run for your lives!
Republic is gone
Beware! Freedom is lost!
Oppression is back
Fight! Fight for your rights!
United well make our stand
Dare! Dare to fight back!
In glory we're running at last to be free...
let there be war
Sun is red! Raise the dead!
Sun is red! Raise the dead!
Thoughts of past come and go, nightmares
Dreams undone become true let us fly free
It's now or never... Let there be WAR!
Your acts of fear and arrogance
It seems that you won't get a second chance
You know we don't like it at all
But finally it's you who will fall

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