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Are you ready for a good time?
Get your hard-on under spotlights
Metal energy is flowing
Now your speakers are exploding
No more weeping no more sadness
Let your feelings turn to madness
Can you hear the music playing?
Metal makes your shadows fading
I'm always roaming to nowhere
It seems my nightmares are all there.
Burn the ground
It's the little things in life that matter
Burn the ground
In your veins the blood is flowing faster
Burn the ground
We will wait until we see the pleasure
Shining through your eyes
Now your vibes are getting stronger
And the metal riffs are faster
Feel the drumbeat in your G-spot
Have an orgasm like a gunshot!
It's the feeling of our music
It's the sound that's supersonic
Drum 'n' bass will make you pounding
Voice, guitars will make you shouting

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