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Dawn retreat as skyline comes alive
Upon this field not hundred yards wide
None can be spared, revenge they will swear
Swarming in thousands reeking despair

Countless wars none worth elegies
Triumphs fade to breeze

Sword of yours claiming your demands
Treaty will wash the blood from your hands
So be it for vengeance, be it for land
Your cause will hate consecrate

Countless lords none worth serving
Faith for the long dead king

Will you wield your vice
And shape it as virtue
For life to entice

"In peace, sons bury their fathers
In war, fathers bury their sons"
So respect no blood, witness no birth
Ties to the flesh have none
Bow to no god, buried by world
Be done and be gone

Countless paths none worth journey
Until your trail ends to sea

Text přidala Devilry

Video přidala Devilry

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