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Chopper Season - text

[Verse 1]
Got that sour diesel and a double cup
Smoking drank every day I get high as fuck
Bands in my pocket grab that pistol then I cock it
All them fucking hope you buzzing before I'm going popping
I try to let these pussy boys eat
Now it's time to put these boys to sleep
Pussy boys always wanna talk
Swear I'm Jesus Christ with my fucking cross
I can smell them pussies from a mile away
Shooting xans fuck his bitch then gonna drive away
Pops locked up in a fucking cage
Three thousand days before I see his face
Roll up on ya get the Chevy sprayed
I'm riding shot and that candy paint
I know these hoes wanna see me fall
It's chopper season motherfucker it's that murder town
I try to let these pussy boys eat
That A-K make them all extinct
Put a thousand on your head make this boy about me
I'm a West Bank rapper all my homies body
Get them bricks by the car load
OG, pills, herron, and that white girl
Kick a door now I'm shaking down your condo
Shoot that pussy in the air and then let the souls go

[Hook: x2]
I started from the fucking bottom
Now I'm a motherfucking problem
Me and Dir riding in the Lexus
I might hold you down dog like they don't remember

[Verse 2]
Give my bitch a couple hundred get her nails done
She know if she ride with me she get what she want
Cause I started from the motherfucking bottom
G*59 now I'm a fucking problem
I hear the same pussy boys hate me
Cause I'm coming for their head just stay patient
I made a killing milkin' man the bills (?)
Talking bands, just from slanging pills
Popped a molly now that bitch sweating
Or is it cause I'm standing flexing
I tried to let you boys eat
I pray that all you pussy boys are ceased

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Video přidala suicide_girl

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