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Craig wears a blue jacket and a matching blue chullo hat with a yellow puffball on top. He wore yellow mittens in "How to Eat with Your Butt". In the early seasons of the series, he wore blue jeans, but in more recent seasons, he wears high-waisted black pants. The fact that his legs are longer is clearly visible in "South Park is Gay!", where he and three other boys from his class wear identical clothes, because Craig's pants appear much longer than the others.

In "T.M.I.", it's listed that he has grown the most in height out of all the boys, along with Kenny and Kyle, all three gaining 2.4 inches. This implies he may be one of the tallest (if not, the tallest) boys in the class, especially since he appeared to be taller than the others even before his growth. One of the reasons he may be tall is that both his parents are shown to be the tallest adults in the town.

In "The List" it's mentioned that to place Clyde 1st in the list, they had to move Craig to 12th place. Therefore in the real list Craig was chosen as the "cutest boy" in class.

Craig's hair is usually shown to be black, although it appeared to be brown in "The Losing Edge" and South Park: The Stick of Truth. In "Good Times with Weapons", Craig's eyes are shown to be blue. It is revealed in "Tweek vs. Craig" that he is fairly thin. His nasal voice is similar to Clyde, but was originally higher in pitch. However, in later seasons (most noticeable since "Pandemic"), his voice has been lowered to a similar pitch to Clyde.

A few times in the early seasons, he is seen wearing a green hat in the background. This has been corrected in later airings. An example that is still visible is in the episode "Fat Camp", look closely at the lunch line and you will see his hat turn green for a few seconds as the camera moves. A green-attired Craig can also be seen in "Ass Burgers", though some believe that this may be a different character entirely.

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