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We Had a Pact - text


The sky was hung with brazen stars, like Christmas lights on trees
You hung out too till the morning came, till the sun fell in on me
All of our highs can't erase our lows in these darkening days

Ferris wheels and night time bars, we live on separate times
Our peers around us grew up so dull, that we left our lives behind
The wright of your crystal heart
The train ride that sets us apart

And I held you for a moment lost, "like tears in the rain"
You slept upon the sofa, and I never slept again (I'm tired)

You're making out in your father's car, we're making out, I'm fine
I saw you out at the show last night I just ignore you all the time
Mary look what you've done to me
This world has turned on me and now I drink the life I taste

The cracks in the walls disappear
The days turn to weeks, turn to years

Well my mind goes blank and my eyes roll back, when I'm sober I don't know what to say
I'll text you miserable things when I'm out drinking and then lay cringing all the following day
I want to disappear when we end up here, conversation just becomes such an ache
We're only vulnerable to those who approach us until they realise there's no heart to break

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Video přidala punkerka41

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