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So many of my nights end up the same way, so fucked up I can't tell that there are parallels in our voids. I'm just immersed in mine so well.
Am I handsome when I fuck up? and are you pretty when you lie?

Heartlessly I hope, that I don't meet you in the morning, that i don't see you out tonight.
That by the time i next hear 'Rumours' (Fleetwood) I don't think of you at all.

You are the clock on my VCR keeping me up at night, the tiny light won't fade.
Days pass, nights introspection lasts.
And if you long for light, what's worse for you than me?

Sat in seclusion now night after night.
Recall the moment, I recall the sight.
I sing in spite.

I wonder would you stop me if you saw me?
Or would we pretend our eyes miss?
Wordless communication graces older relationships.
There's a distance in between us, sometimes I bask in it.

Heartlessly I hope. No I don't meet you in the morning. No I don't stay out long tonight.

Do the things I assign worth to really mean a thing at all?

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Creeper - EP

Creeper texty

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