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Do you think of me in the winter breeze?
Heaven in your hair. Hell on your sheets.

Love songs full of hate.
The kids are digging early graves.
(we’re alright)
We sleep away the pain.
Spend the night cursing the day.
(we’re alright)

I’ve been wasting all my time for you, it’s always you.
But I’ve been low.
I hate to tell you, but what the hell can I do?

It’s a waste of time gambling when all we get is the worst luck.
(we’re alright)
I crush on you from afar, and you just crash me like a car.
(we’re alright)

Young love. Teenage taste.
Holding hands, we fain desire.
Cigarettes are tempting fate.
We’re lighting them from friendly fire.

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The Stranger - EP

Creeper texty

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