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The Honeymoon Suite - text


We got hollow hearts and heavy heads. We never will get better.
Mid July and dead inside.
I feel the expectation in conversation, wether it's forever or not.
Alive, but dead inside.

So les get Hexed, let's hangout.
Tell me your truth and crash on the couch.
I wish me away.

You can hold a hand for the thousandth time and still feel alone in the skin.
I try. I'm dead inside.
You breathe me out like a cigarette. I breathe you out just to breathe you in.
I'm alive, but dead inside.

You sip your coke, I barely breathe.
You're sweet to me but you rot my teeth.

You are a sweet sleep I am a nosebleed.
Your taste is aniseed, your love is just not enough.

A shard of past. Your lip balm.
I carved your name with it into my palm.
My 'bad luck charm'.

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