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Humble moon, what now do I do?
A restaurants' plastic glass, at house party with your hip flask
Has he kept you precious like a locket?
The pale night alive
Through your jeans tight, cigarette box outline in your pocket

We'e in the bathroom and you perch on the sink
I begin to infatuate, exasperate, resuscitate
By day the cat sleeps, but at night how he moans through the windows perspex
We sit and talk about sex because it's all we have in common, don't you know

And it's youth, ever fading youth
Would you have lived differently if you had known this life was on loan?

I recall the blue first night I met you, and gaze through the passing time
Your hair was henna and wine
The contrast in what I dream and reality
Took you back from the club while your friends all did drugs, we never spoke about love, just morality

All of these nights just trawl the same streets
Tell the same stories, you count the heart beats
Obsess with death of the miracle days

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Creeper - EP

Creeper texty

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