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Our hearts break over and over forever, or at least each time we meet.
I'm keen to keep this agreement we tend to talk but never speak.

I'm bitter and drunk again, in the living room with old R.E.M.
Though I don't know any of them, you're city across with your phantom friends.

Lie awake.
Confess your flaws to the ceiling.
A million tiny ghosts fall from your throat.

The feeling is fleeting.
Purple bows and summer clothes.
Every night is disparate and every night our distance grows.

It's a funeral for a feeling, a life I forget to live.
I'll call you up and lie about the fucks that I don't give.

I felt the bed fall away on the night you left, I barely closed my eyes with the amount I slept.
Like a falling star to ground below.
If you ever fall again don't let me know.

So sleep alone out of spite, every night.

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The Callous Heart - EP

Creeper texty

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