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Into The Black - text


I hear you're doing better now since the night one year ago
A Christmas present; a last resort
So much of me on show

I fell for you like a falling plane with a captain who accepts his fate
The call he won't make to his wife, "don't remember me so I drained my life"

This is the end, I regret
Because the ties that bind us there bend but don't break
Understand, what's in your hand is a goodbye too sad to send
So sleep in spite, breaks my heart that you were right

I braved the night, I heard your news
Guess what you never own is the worst to lose?
A feeling I've not held since June
I don't remember you this grey and blue

No more will I lie waiting, praying for clarity to fill your mind
Commiserating, embracing what dies in us while we are still alive
You were right

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Creeper - EP

Creeper texty

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