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Hiding With Boys - text


Club nights and cheap drinks.
Do you ever think of me the way I think about you?
Lately I’m on the brink.
I stand up and slowly sink into the pavement below.
If I ever die I’ll have someone let you know, it was all your fault.

Hiding with the boys in your bedroom.
Hiding the evidence of dying youth under cigarettes and stale perfume.

Approaching midnight in teenage twilight.
Black hair and skinny jeans alert your parent’s porch light.
Oh, when we met last spring we had such a pretty thing.
We fade like a Polaroid.
I’m all things you were taught to avoid.

I’m clothes you never wear, I’m yours but you don’t care.

Lie on your bed, lie through your teeth.
Lie on your bed, lie to me.

Loving you is killing me.

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