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There's all these vacant eyes in the club tonight, we look a lot more human here
You know I loved you once for a couple months, you were just too drunk to care

They only want you when you'e gone
Of all the truths, the hardest one
(So I don't try it's easier, for when you call not to answer)

But I learnt a lot of life, from watching what we had to die

I held you like you were a kitchen knife, now I don't hold you at all
Under the sapphire light of this lonely night, I dance along, don't feel much no more

You make it harder just to sleep, with all the secrets you don't keep
(So I don't try it's easier, for when you call not to answer)

Did you see the stars shine above you?
Did he hold your hand like I used to?
I know that in this world there are two types of people -
The ones you walk away from, the ones you'll give in to.
Identify and exorcise

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Creeper - EP

Creeper texty

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