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You threw our rings into the wishing well.
Your best friend didn't know what to do.
I walked upon the ancient hallway,
down to your bedroom to get to you.

You've been keeping count of the lips of the boys you bite.
Spiking all your own drinks at the start of every night.
It's late again and we're barely friends,
facts you forget or at least pretend to.
It's true, I'm no good for me or you.

I'll be your curse, the one you tell your friends about.
Pills from the nurse fall like snow into the sea.
So when it hurts don't fret upon my whereabouts.
You Just remember you're still young and you're still free,
so forget about me.

I've been overthinking every night and day this week. Been knocking nails into my ears to block out the words you speak.
See I know you and all the things you do.
Too much of a wreck to know what to expect.
Break up. Break down. 22.

When you're dreaming in your bed &
when you're dreaming in the night,
from the place of your birth to the ends of the earth
our void is 'love in decline'.

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The Callous Heart - EP

Creeper texty

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