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See You In Hell - text

"I thought you would have got my point from the last shard,
I'm not that far from being a rap star,
you breathing down my neck, showing that scar,
I need some space to breathe, a place to be, without you chasing me,
tellin' me how thangs should be?
Please, I'd walk a mile in your boots if I wanted to see jelousy,
everything I do's another excuse for you to hate me,
how'd it get this way,
how'd I let you shake me,
la la la la la la la
What you sing when you sittin in your car,
wishin' on the stars, twisted mission from afar,
that's what you see in me, nobody could give you what you need,
the heart is badly wounded, left to me I'd let it bleed,
set me free so you could see for centuries there's never been a remedy,
blindfolded tugging the abscense of hope,
hoping somehow you're chaning me?
no, there's no hope,

Lost, Confused, Broken, Bruised, Scattered amungst the tokens and choking, nothin' left to loose
uh nothin' left to loose

(2nd Verse)
She rock G ass socks,
with a clean ass clock,
with a mean ass smock,
whip cream, that's hot,
huh, and I keep dreaming of you,
seeing mising peices, keys, your heavenly features,
why the fuck's your phone off? You know I'm tryin' to reach ya,
and you never texted me back, what you playin' games?
That'll be the dumbest decision your smart ass ever made,
got you stuck in my gaze, tuckin' your face, up up n away,
la da da da da da da
yeah, she keeps singing the song,
now the salt water drips to her chest,
and a sacrifice of flesh is truly all that's left in her mind,
stick the razor to the edge of her wrist,
I'm not responsible for this,
I'm still stuck on the drawing board tryin' to make the peices fit,
searchin' for the secret gift that I can unwrap and give to all my weaknessess

Lost, Confused, Broken, Bruised, Scattered amungst the tokens and choking nothin' left to loose,
uh nothin' left to loose

(3rd Verse)
You don't know me that well,
I've seen hell if you can't tell,
fell into a giant hole, all around there was evil sprayin, on top of that, I pictured you sayin',
baby I love you,
baby I need you,
no you don't, take a dive into this see of sharks and dissappear boo,
I hear you, but when I'm near you I can't get a clear view,
plus the rear view is empty,
and I think I'm here too,
la da da da da da da,
I hear the wretched voice from a mile away,
so disguisting to my mind,
yet soothing my soul at the same - time,
coul never be as precious,
as the feeling you and I once felt together,
but the feeling is gone,
I guess that's why I'm feeling this song,
so so long, farwell, Have a great dive to hell"


©2012 Crawdad/Crawford

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