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Beautiful Gardens - text

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Oh my, oh me
What in the world's come over me?
I'm seeing things that I should never see!
Spiders in my eyelids and ghosts in the cheese!
What in the world's come over me?
I've lost touch with reality!

Oh my, oh me
The dead walk the angry sea!
Vampire lesbos are after me!
I'm coming unhinged, weak in the knees!
I'm floating away from reality!

Hear the wind whistle through my noggin,
"Palisades Park" by Freddy Cannon.
Ride the void to outer space,
Pull my eyeballs right out of my face!
A world of leatherwork and rubber ashtrays!
Beautiful gardens and all kinds of games
Oh, I've had way too much of me,
And now I can't get back to reality!

That's enough.

(fade out)
(fades back in)
(played backwards: "If I said this in English, this record company would turn into a parking lot.")

You know, music sure sounds better than it used to.

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