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Where Have Those Days Gone - text


Took a trip to California to see where those old days are gone
And the girl that went with them - curiosity, that's all I swear I swear
In Mendocino County thought I saw Thomas Pinchen at the end of the bar
But that's just Rob Brezsny writing his real astrology column

Headed up the coast with my only Jewish Mexican friend
Found a bar in Arcadia it was the means to an end
In the alley for a smoke got beat up by some arian goons
Lying in my blood I said hey Juan does this mean I'm gringo

Where have those days gone
Where have those days gone
Where have those days gone

So we crawled towards the ocean through brambles of olallieberry thorns
While blue lights they flailed, sirens wailed, we were ripped and we were torn
Don't know why we were hiding, never could make that girl wanna stay
It made sense to a man, it's curiosity that's all I swear

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