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Sweet Potato - text


Be my sweet potato
Be my honey lamb
dance around the campfire
hang around a while

Well, I been caught stealin'
someone else's vibe,
everybody loves or hates us,
but we're still alive

Well wake up in the morning
cup of coffee, grab your bags
jump into the caddie
'cause this tourin' ain't a drag.
They say overrated, educated
I suppose a little jaded.
When I get off this
I think I'm gonna have to be sedated.
So be my sweet potato,
I'll be your honey lamb,
give me some black tupelo,
I been caught again. Shit!

I went to New York City,
but then I come right back,
everyone was cool there,
I couldn't get no slack
You seen me in the papers,
You seen me in the Voice,
I think I'd stay in Dixie,
if I had the choice.


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