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Kerosene Hat - text


How can I fly with these old darkie wings
while the magpies sing some shiny song?
''Old corn face row teeth''
she says sweetly to me
in the elevator

Everything seems like a dream
and life's a scream.

Here come old Kerosene Hat
with his ear flaps waxed
a-courtin' his girl
come clattering in here
on your old cloven skates
with that devilish spoon

When you're submarine.

So don't you bother me death
with your leathery ways
and your old chaise lounge
Wickerman's fence of leathery tires
And the cook's gone mad, started several fires...

Everything seems like a dream
When you're submarine

''Head like a stream''
she says softly to me
from the rattling chair
Bring me a steak, and my
old pair of crows, my medicine lamp

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