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Imma slide into ya DMs today
'cause you are a gorgous amazing bae.
This is delighful to my ears and my brain.
Nice hair my cousin hair is kinda is like that.
I love you.
The mood is right but the words are so wrong
when YouTube comments write a love song!
Hi, I love you that's all ok bye.
I like your hair and your brows and your eyes.
Your nice looks face.
I love how you rhyme.
I cri evrytiem.
Have my babies.
And there is no doubt that I'll die alone
when YouTube comments write a love song!
Oh, hey.
Hey quick question that kind of just popped up,
are you gay?
Are you gay?
Not to be racist but are you gay?
Why do all of the awesome guys have to be gay?
It's no big deal I just want to know
when gay-tube comments gay bi gay homo
Words aren't enough 'cause the feelings too strong
Gosh, you don't have any towels in there.
My hands are all wet...
WTF you're still alive?
Imma keep it real with you...I thought you died.
It's been like a minute...
It's been a year.
It's been 84 years.
The rare Jon Cozart emerges from his cave for his annual appearance...
Don't touch me.
What are you doing?
Only to return to his hibernation for a year!
Elise! Elise! What are you...Stop it!
I missed you!

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