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Tragedy is all we have in common
And at times we allow it to swallow us whole
Drawing the marrow from our misfortunes
To ignite the fire that's inside
Inhale the smoke from the burn that leaves you breathless
Breathing life into the lifeless
Dragging them into the sun and exposing them as apparitions
But is there dignity in living as an entity?
"You could have made history and we are already forgetting about you."
Humanity is poison
And we are lost without a cure
So stop your heart and start the healing process
I am not fit to walk among you
But I don't want to end my life
And just know that if I knew of any common ground
I'd leave here now
And I would find a home that I could die in
Just to say I tried to rest in peace
Erase me from your memory
The ones we love will let us down
And the rats will feed off of our failure
Eventually, this is something we must accept
The world moves on without us
We leave only footprints that fade away in time
Walk with fire and save yourself from vagrancy
We leave our spirits to retrace our steps
You are your memorial
Find your mark and make it
The soil is the last thing we ingest
We watch our ashes scatter
You are your own memorial
Find your mark and make it

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