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This is the only thing I have worth holding onto. I have condensed my past to fit the lines on the pages that no one will ever see. But still I fight, day after day. ‘Cause this is all I’ve ever wanted my life to be and I push everything I’ve ever loved away to keep myself from sinking. If I find the bad in everything, I can never be attached. I’m trying to find a balance, trying to find my way, and every choice I’ve ever made brings me anywhere but home. But I’ve welcomed sacrifice with open arms, and I will never regret my decision. This is the only thing I have worth holding on to. This is the only thing that makes me feel alive. I’ve simply been searching for the right place to rest my head. I’m searching for common ground between all that I am, and all that you need me to be. I’ve seen a future and want nothing to do with it. A constant campaign to impress those who never ever cared. I’m struggling but I won’t allow myself to sink. You know where to find me. I keep my composure and assume my place, in front of the people I love most. You’re the reason why we’re here. I’m struggling, but I won’t allow myself to sink.

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