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Selfishly I Sink - text

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Bred to feel an unfamiliar touch.
Lust begins and ends with both of us.
Keep me close, drag me down,
in the wake of shallow waves you leave.
Fill the void like fingers in my mouth.
Spread slowly like a plague I’ve invited into me.
Emotions cast like stones skipped across empty lakes,
and selfishly I sink.
Cure your rust from within,
no desire lives past dawn… nocturnal by default.
Speak softly, drive a nail through both of my lips if you must.
We whisper as a metaphor for trust.
Absence of affection, not worth the cancer I have caused.
Sever the ties to keep from stringing this along.
Keep me close, suspended just out of arms reach.
No vacant pair of wings were ever fit to hold me.
Keep me close in the wake of shallow waves you leave.
The water left me filthy but somehow you’re completely clean.
Selfishly I sink.

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