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Others may tell you how to live
But I can assure that your life is in your own hands.
And you can mold it into any shape you want.
Though you must have faith while you're searching for the answers
That we're all longing for.
And we are left to salvage for our aspirations.
Be what you want to be,
And leave the rest behind you.
Anyone can follow blindly,
But it's up to you to rise above the masses,
And chase your dreams,
Because they will soon become reality.
You cannot lead us from our path,
As we are weighed down by our ambitions.
And all the force in the world cannot make us falter.
We are all prophets in the making,
And our legacies are beginning to unfold.
I will not go to my grave yearning for what "could have" been."
I know exactly who I am,
And i know exactly what I will become

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