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As time passes by, I feel everything changing but me. I will not feel the sting of defeat. I’ve watched days become months, become years. and I’ve lost all faith in progression. I will never allow myself to exchange all my morals for acceptance. If this is truly where I belong, I’ll fucking be here until the end of time. I’ve watched everyone around me jump ship, and I hope they’re left to sink. The current will carry us. I am proud of all that I’ve become, and I’m well aware that I have steered myself in the right direction. And life is your’s to destroy, I just can’t admire the path you’ve chosen. I would rather isolate myself than be a walking definition of travesty. I watched you do away with everything. I would love nothing more than to watch this world swallow you whole. You were the catalyst for your downfall. But where the rest have failed, we are bound to succeed. And mark my fucking words, as long as we are breathing, we will overcome. The integrity that we emanate day-to-day is unparalleled, and our efforts will not go unnoticed. We will be remembered.

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The Current Will Carry Us


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