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Compare our dependence to predator and prey.
A parallel engraved into our souls
by the work of broken hands.
Contradiction carved in canvas
and our nail-beds ache from scratching at the surface.
Coerced by your creation.
Finding foundation in decay.
With the culmination of our failure on display,
convince yourself I am your greatest masterpiece.
Disassemble me however you see fit
and put me back together absolving me of my impurities...
and you know I'd welcome your embrace
even if your arms resembled teeth.
Cover me in scars.
Close your eyes in case I bleed.
I'd let you cover me in scars if you could carry me forever.
Carry me forever in your heart.
A predator, I pray;
release me from the mouth of dependency.
Forgive me for my absence,
our love will know not wasted time.

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You're Not You Anymore

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